Ghost World Conference Part 1

> March 18th, 2015 ---

Here is the first part of my visit to Jeff Belanger's Ghost World Conference from a few years back. There are a ton of fun interviews in this.


Holocaust Deniers

> February 18th, 2015 ---

Mark Weber from the Institute for Historical Review espouses his pro-Nazi nonsense.


Did the Folks from Atlantis Build the Pyramids?

> February 3rd, 2015 ---

Uh....yeah. Still a fun listen, though.


Armageddon Ready for the Rapture

> January 29th, 2015 ---

OK, Folks. If you start notice your neighbors showing up missing, this is the reason why. Open the sunroof, raise your hands and say " Thank ya, Jesus " cause the rapture is almost here.


What really went on at Area 51

> January 20th, 2015 ---

Jonathan Turley, noted Constitutional scholar and professor, represented an employee at area 51 that was exposed to toxic chemicals and died from said exposure. Mr. Turley tells us what government can subject their employees to without fear of consequences. This is far more frightening than tales of alien technologies.


A visit to the Edgar Casey Institute

> January 14th, 2015 ---

Renowned psychic and healer Edgar Casey's legend is kept alive in Virginia Beach. Hear from those who still love him a true believer's perspective


Excorcist or Charletan

> January 6th, 2015 ---

A self proclaimed bishop makes his case that he removes the devil from the tormented.


History Of Eugenics in the United States

> January 2nd, 2014 ---

Nazi Germany committed unbelievable horrors in the 1930's and 40's in the name of genetic improvement. What is not so well known is the history of eugenics in the United States. Dr. Colin Ross outlines the unforgivable programs in our own country that subscribed to many of the same theories regarding sexual promiscuity, mental retardation and poverty. 


Joe Nickel- The Skeptic’s Skeptic

> November 18th, 2013 ---

This is an old episode to see if anyone is still out there after a 2 year hiatus.Joe is a debunker who has softened his tone in recent years, if not his opinions.


Waco…Sifting through the Embers

> July 8th, 2012 ---

What were the reasons for the holocaust at Waco? Are consipracys theorists right that teh ATF and FBI murdersed the inhabitatants of the compound. or did Davod Koresh bring hellfire down upon his followers.Investigative journalist DickReavis reexamines a 20 year old trage